Women's Textile Collective

Making exclusive tote bags

A circular economy initiative working with Caboclo, to support more workers in Crato, Northeastern Brasil, the home of Caboclo.

Handmade Carry Bags

A mother and daughter textiles business, making handmade beautiful and colorful canvas carry bags for our footwear.

Collaboratons of Craft

We're so proud to be fermenting more craft businesses in our home of Brasil. For us, making this partnership helps more people in Crato, be part of our Caboclo mission.

Please add a tote bag to your shoes - they marry so well with each other

Tote Bag

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A beautiful hand made tote bag for your Caboclo shoes, that you can use every day. Perfect for shopping, taking to a picnic or storing your shoes.  Over 50% of every bag purchase, goes direct to the Women's co-operative that make these bags. 

The production of these bags is an integral component of a circular economy initiative in collaboration with Caboclo, aimed at empowering a greater number of workers in Crato, Northeastern Brazil, the birthplace of Caboclo.

Each bag is meticulously crafted by a cooperative of women, which was established by a dedicated mother-daughter duo.

As we buy the materials for these bags in small quantities, to prevent waste, they are always made with changing designs. We like this as its part of our philosophy to reduce waste and make something one of a kind. We hope you like the suprise too.