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Letter from our founders Juba & Leo:
Letter from our founders Juba & Leo: "First of all, I would like to thank you for being part of the Caboclo community and making this project viable. A company only exists because of its customers, it's as simple as that! Every cloud has a silver lining... The phrase seems simple, but it has great wisdom. The situation we are living in, could be the seed of a new global deal and the birth of a new way of consuming that is more ethical and sustainable, that allows us to find a balance with Nature. Our house, The Earth, is already at its limit and has been telling us very clearly that we are on a dead end street. Consumption has led us to these extremes and, paradoxically, it is the same consumption that can change the situation. We are facing a change of model, either we change the way we do things or it will change us. The Universe has its way of restoring balance to things. It is remarkable to see how in a few days of human quarantine, Nature is reclaiming its space. Pollution levels drastically decreasing, air quality increasing, animal sightings in places where it seemed that they would no longer be seen ... we can learn a great lesson from the days we are living now. Caboclo, like most small companies, with proposals that stimulate a “new deal”, are in a very delicate moment. In order to continue, more than ever we are going to need our community of clients, you! Right now our biggest concern, apart from health, is to keep our artisans working. The vast majority have their own workshop at home and depend 100% on this work and it is essential to keep them active! For this, apart from counting on you, we will decrease our margins and all products will have a special discount on the site. Take care of your health, enjoy your homes, your families and yourselves! Love & Respect"