Artisan craft, Brasil

Caboclo is more than a pair of shoes.

They are a product of generations of leather masters in Brasil. We work with artisans who have been refining their craft for decades, and we respect and admire them as true craft makers. You can help support a tradition, a community and a sustainable way of life.

Generations of shoe making

Our founding master, Leo, has been working with leather for most of his life, passing on his knowledge to his two sons. Together, they continue to grow and respect the tradition of shoe making in Crato, Northern Brasil.

Handmade with
care & precision

Each pair of our shoes is handmade with care and precision, using only one industrial machine for cutting the rubber from the tyres that we use for the soles of our shoes. The stitching is done using non-electrical sewing machines that are powered by the foot, just like they have been for generations.

Made in small batches

We believe in rescuing regional culture, and we do so by working closely with small, independent artisans. Our ethical production process values the hands, time, and care of our artisans. We maintain our production as manual as possible, so we can ensure that each pair of our shoes is unique and of the highest quality.

Exclusive featured video - see Juliano, the founder, show you the home of Caboclo and the artisans craft.

Made In Brasil