Leather & product care

Taking care of your leather shoes

We take pride in crafting shoes that embody rawness, elegance, and timeless beauty. Our commitment to using natural materials and avoiding harsh chemicals allows our shoes to develop character and age gracefully over time.

"Of all the leather shoes under the sun,

None can compare to those that are done

In natural tanned hide, so rich and pure,

A timeless beauty that will long endure."


Our vegetable-tanned leather breathes naturally and remains neutral regardless of the temperature. It does not retain sweat or odor, making our shoes comfortable to wear even without socks. To preserve the natural aging process and breath-ability of the leather, it is essential to treat your shoes with natural care products.

When putting on your shoes, take care not to force your feet into them. Loosen the laces and use a shoehorn if necessary to avoid damaging the heel. It is also advisable to rotate your shoes between wears, allowing the leather to dry and breathe. Please note that leather shoes are not fully waterproof, so it is recommended to leave them at home during heavy rain.

If your shoes get wet, it is crucial to wipe off all external water as soon as possible. Avoid placing them near radiators or under direct sunlight for drying, as this can damage the leather. Instead, allow them to dry naturally at room temperature. Once dry, remember to condition your shoes to maintain their softness and integrity.

Proper conditioning is essential to prevent leather from drying out and cracking. Conditioning your shoes regularly will not only extend their lifespan but also enhance their comfort. You can even condition the shoes on the inside before wearing them to make the initial experience more enjoyable. Don't forget to condition your leather laces as well.

The best product for caring for your leather shoes is a good conditioning cream. All types of leather can be conditioned every six months or as needed. Before applying any care products, use a dry and clean shoe brush to remove dust and dirt. Apply the cream in small circular motions, allowing it to penetrate the leather for 10-15 minutes. Afterward, polish off any excess with a soft brush or cotton cloth.

For suede leather, regular brushing with a delicate shoe brush will help maintain its appearance.

Natural vegetable-tanned leather is a living material that will be influenced by its environment. Sunlight will change its color, oils will deepen its tone, and time will mold its shape. These changes tell the story of your shoes and add to their unique character.

Remember, shoes should only be treated with natural products to preserve the natural aging process and breath-ability of the leather. As your shoes adapt to your feet, they will become increasingly comfortable and beautiful with each passing year.