Care and aging

Shoes with history

The result of our detail and care for materials is a fusion of pure rawness and elegance, a shoe that outlive seasons, to be worn, to last, and to age with character.

Because we use the skins of trees to ten our shoes’ leather and don’t use any chemicals on the process, it could be hard at the beginning. But after using them for a couple of times the leather will be completely flexible and pretty much softer. Also the shoes will get the form of your feet, and the older they get, the more comfortable and beautiful they’ll become.




Beauty is effortless, natural, impermanent and imperfect. Beauty is timeless.


Vegetable tanned leather breathes as in nature, remains neutral regardless of the temperature, and does not retain sweat or odor, allowing the shoes to be worn barefoot and get better with age. Shoes should only be treated with natural products to preserve the natural ageing process and breathability of the leather.

Your leather shoes will inevitably crack and fall apart if you do not take proper care of them. But if you make the effort, chances are that you will be wearing them for life.


When you are putting your shoes on, never force your feet into them. Take time to loosen the laces and use a shoehorn if necessary; otherwise you might damage the heel. Also, rotate your shoes between wears to allow the leather time to dry and breathe. Leather shoes are never fully waterproof, if it rains heavily, leave you leather shoes at home.

We want your shoes to have history and to last for long, to age beautifully and with character over time.


Unconditioned shoes will dry out and crack. Conditioned shoes last longer and are more comfortable to wear. You can also condition your shoes on the inside, even before starting to wear them, for the leather to get softer and for the early experience to be more enjoyable. Your leather laces can be conditioned as well.

The very best product for taking care of your leather shoes is a good conditioning cream, all leathers can be conditioned every 6 months or as needed.

Before applying any care products, clean your shoes with a dry and clean shoe brush to get rid off dust and dirt. Apply the cream in small circular motions, avoiding sweeping strokes. For best results, allow the cream to penetrate for at least 10–15 minutes before polishing off any excess with a soft brush or cotton cloth.

For the maintenance of suede leather, simply brush when needed with a delicate clean shoe brush.


Should your shoes get wet, see to it that you wipe off all external water as soon as you get inside. Do not leave your leather shoes next to radiators or under the sun, leather should be dried out slowly at room temperature. Once dry, do not forget to condition your shoes.


Natural vegetable tanned leather is very much alive and will be greatly influenced by its environment. Sun will change its color, oil will soften its tone, and time will mold its shape. Your shoes are meant to tell their story.

Shoes should only be treated with natural
products to preserve the natural ageing
process and breathability of the leather.

The shoes will adapt to your feet, and the older they get, more confortable and beautiful they’ll become.

From left to right: Ana’s three years old
pair of black shoe 10 and Juba’s four
years old pair of brown shoe 29. Both
with a lot of stories to tell…

We take pride in the enduring quality
of our handcrafted products, which is
why we offer our customers a 6 months
guarantee. We will do our best to repair
your shoes but, in case we can’t, we
will exchange it. It’s our goal for all
customers to be 100% satisfied with
their purchase from Caboclo. For more
details please check our guarantee
terms at our shipping and returns page.