CABOCLO ANWERS -What is an ethical product? An ethical product, aims to satisfy the consumer, also morally, knowing that in the consumption chain, social problems are solved. -what is an organic product? They are products that are created exclusively from natural materials. They do not contain chemicals or were used in its elaboration. -What does it mean that a product is made by hand? A Handmade product is something artistic and artisanal, it comes from nothing, in the mind of the artist or craftsman to translate into unique pieces full of emotion. Automatic machines and systems are not used. -What does it mean for a company to be responsible? A company is responsible when it behaves respectfully at all levels of the production chain, paying fair prices for raw materials and treating workers with dignity. It complies with environmental legislation, establishes internal energy saving policies and makes correct use of its resources. It involves its team, supplier companies and clients in good corporate social responsibility practices. It promotes actions to create wealth and improve the situation and opportunities of the community where it is established. -What does ethical consumption mean?Responsible consumption implies: Fair trade, the equitable distribution of profits, ensuring optimal working conditions for employees, and transparent and inclusive decision-making