the project / by Julia Velázquez

Caboclo is a company of artisans and we think there are no artisans as fashion students.

Julia Velazquez ask us to use Caboclo shoes for her first collection and we were delighted of the results, let’s read Julia’s words about “The project/”

How has the creative process been?
This last year has been hard and intense, a year of hard work and to demonstrate what I am worth and as far as I am able to go, and the truth is that the result has been brutal, I am very proud of what I have managed to create.

I say create because it was a great process from the beginning, being my first collection I wanted to create something from the minute 0.

Much of the fabrics have been dyed by me, dyeing them in the kitchen of my house by hand, mixing different dyes and creating own colors for the collection.
The colors I wanted to achieve were colors inspired by nature, since I’m from Navarre, and I’ve always liked going to the countryside since I was a child. Being living in Barcelona I miss the fresh air, the mountains, the different colors of the trees at different times of the year, the wood, the cows …
For me, the place where I come from is very important, the roots.

I have also created by hand the buttons and earrings, made with ceramic.

And I have also made the prints of the garments, from my own photos, because I like to take photos, and thanks to sunlight, with a product that reacts thanks to sunlight.

The prints of the garments can be seen on the outside of some garments, on the linings, inside all the pockets of the garments and on handkerchiefs as well.

How is The project?

The project is a practical, orderly, elegant collection. Your clothes have a connection, a union between them. Prioritize the visual aspect, your message.

The project has been a goal. An achievement achieved thanks to much work, patience and loss of this, dislikes, doubts, many, nerves, questions, many, and tears.

But at the same time there have been results, motivations and tears of emotion. Joy to see something that you really feel yourself, a job in which I have put the best of me and I have got the best of me.

This brand has not only been created by one person, the project has been built with the help of people interested in the result of the brand.


-The project has filed at the 080 Barcelona 2018

-The project won an audience award at the Berlin Fashion Week on July 5, 2018

There’s also a short film named hippocampus

Some pictures of Julia’s collection: